Invest in Ghana and Market Entry

Welcome to Ghana, a country located in West Africa with the second largest economy in the sub-region. Ghana is a country with large economic potential and immense business opportunities for the development of new markets. Besides the fact that it is blessed with numerous natural resources, a fast-expanding economy and a growing middle class, it is also well known for the exceptional hospitality of its inhabitants.

Ghana is also the most politically stable country in West Africa. It has strong public institutions with a solid track record of good governance; relatively sound infrastructure and markets that are comparatively well regulated.

We offer a service that caters to every need of an international enterprise planning to enter the Ghanaian market. Each service is tailored to the size of the entrant (SME, mid-sized or large Fortune 500 corporations), new markets of interest, product/ service portfolio and the target industry sectors. We make it our mission to successfully launch your business in Ghana

For clients wanting to start up operations in Ghana, we provide market entry services rivaled by none. We will guide you through all the procedures and paperwork involved in the process, allowing you to commence business in the shortest possible time. We provide a wide range of market and business development services for companies interested in promoting their products or services in Ghana. No two businesses are the same; hence we guarantee you personalized solutions that will be tailored to your unique needs and requirements.


What We Do

We provide the following market entry services:

  • Company incorporation
  • Branch/ representative office formation
  • Business Matchmaking
  • Business registration
  • Corporate bank account opening
  • Emergency visa on arrival
  • Work permit